Launching Earth 4 All

Introducing a new economic model designed to avert climate disaster and save the world from unrest, inequality and poverty. This is an Earth4All.

The dominant economic model is destabilising societies and the planet. Now is the time for change. That's the message underpinning Earth4All, an international initiative to accelerate the systems-change we need for an equitable future on a finite planet. The next ten years must see the fastest economic transformation in history. The brief called for complex messaging, future modeling data (and an entire economic model) to be distilled into a two minute animation and supporting communications toolkit. Oh, and the economic model needed to be crystal clear and seriously compelling. Garnering support for the 'one giant leap' is essential to our survival as a species.

Communications Agency:
Greenhouse Communications
Creative output included a two minute launch animation, supporting themed shorts and social toolkit featuring statics, carousels and animations for the five pathways.
We worked with Liam to produce several assets for our Earth4All launch. A joy to work with, he oversaw production of a scripted animation, social media graphics and animated shorts. Liam got to grips with our complex messaging brilliantly and developed creative materials that reflected our brand, tone, and key messages.
Philippa Baumgartner
Communications Lead, Earth4All
Have a chat with Liam, the Studio 145 founder.
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