Rethink. Reconnect. Restore.

A brand film for ReGen Future Capital, an innovative and disruptive company, working to change the framework of clean energy investment.

After supporting the company on a brand and website refinement, it was time to create a core brand asset to use across homepage, social and presentations. Something visionary but clear, to quickly onboard audiences with the ReGen vision and innovative investment framework - including visualising their infinity loop inspired regenerative investment model.

ReGen Future Capital
Communications Agency:
Greenhouse Communications
Bringing the vision to life in a way that would be clear to a cross section of investor, environmentalist and influencer audiences.

ReGen's goal is to build a framework that both drives global transformation to clean energy and actively works towards restoring our world’s natural capital in the form of soils, forests, and oceans. The challenge (and opportunity) was marrying the traditionally opposing concepts of restoring the natural world while yielding significant financial returns.

The right voice to bring much needed humanity to solving global problems. Once written, finding the right voice for the script was essential.

Much like the traditionally opposing concepts of both restoration and profit.The voiceover needed to balance authority with warmth, and gravity with optimism. We worked with British actress Nimmy March who has most recently lend her voice to the Dark Crystal reboot, to bring her experience and humanity to the film.

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